Nutrition Business Tools

Basic Courses

Drab to Fab - how to take your nutrition social media to the next level | Intro webinar training with registered dietitian nutritionist
From Drab to Fab – a webinar on the “Do’s and Don’ts” for taking your nutrition images to the next level and grow your social media following!

In this AMAZING social media webinar for nutrition professionals, we’re going to show you…

  • How to improve your social media marketing strategy & reach more people with your nutrition message
  • Learn about what you might be doing wrong when posting pictures to social media & the steps to fix it.
  • Get access to our Twitter & Facebook Case Studies –  how one simple change more than tripled engagement of a social media post.
  • Learn our social media “Best Practices” and how to implement them to increase Followers, Likes and Shares!


Master Your Media – How to use social media design tools & skills all nutrition experts need to know!

Non-credible health influencers are sharing posts on social media that are going viral, yet many health professionals have evidence-based messages that are being missed.

We want to help you change that!
Learn how to turn up YOUR media game & get heard!

In this AMAZING practical media training for nutrition professionals, we’re going to show you…

  • How to take and acquire great social media images
  • How to streamline your editing process and leverage free editing tools
  • How to ROCK social media using our best tips and tricks

Master Your Media™ is a 5-part web-based course series with tech-training that will take your media to the next level.

Master Your Media | Nutrition Academy | Learn Nutrition Online | Professional Development

Premium Courses

Waisting Away – Weight Management Strategies for Health Professionals

Do you want to know what behavioural strategies work that will support weight loss?
Do you know how to manage patients motivation/ will power, and want to learn what tools actually work?
>Do you want to gain an understanding of post-op weight regain, and how to manage patient care?
Are you ready to learn about simple tips that you can incorporate to into your practice that are effective for weight management?
If so, Waisting Away is for YOU! Add to your professional tool box with weight management tips that ACTUALLY WORK.

Waisting Away™ is an intensive web-based course in practical weight management – with evidence-based advice, and practice tips that actually WORK.

Waisting Away Weight Management Strategies for Health Professionals - Helene Charlebois with Nutrition Academy

Business Coaching

Nutrition Business Coaching – with Andrea Hardy and Susan Watson, RD’s

Susan and Andrea quickly learned that nutrition professionals needed support. With business inquiries coming in from around the  world, we realized our business savvy could be used to help other professionals grow!

We recognize that by working together, we’re able to provide high-quality insight on how to:

  • increase visibility, conversions and sales.
  • market your business in a unique way that fits YOUR BRAND.
  • identify your gifts – what you excel at – and how to turn that passion into a unique product!

By coaching you, we are able to provide you individual and expert advice, from our experiences in running a successful nutrition business.
No generic, cookie-cutter advice here!

Nutrition Business Tools for Professional Development | Nutrition Academy Online Learning
COMING SOON: More great tools to help you grow your nutrition biz

Stay tuned for blog posts, tools, and my very best tips and tricks to make running your nutrition business as easy as PIE.