About Nutrition Academy

A Bit About Nutrition Academy

We strive to make nutrition information credible, accessible, and easy.

Frustrated with where to find credible nutrition advice? Have you ever made a nutrition change that just didn’t stick?

Our philosophy is to clear up the confusion that surrounds nutrition advice, and make it work for YOUR life, long term.

Our team of industry-leading nutrition experts teach YOU what you need to know about nutrition.

No more complicated diets. No more food fads. Real food, real life.

Nutrition Academy - Dietitians teaching nutrition online | Learn Nutrition Online | Registered Dietitan Nutritionist Susan Watson and Andrea Hardy

our teachers

Our classes are taught by the industry’s best and brightest nutrition experts in their field.
  • Susan Watson
    Susan WatsonOwner, Dietitian Nutritionist

    Susan Watson is a tech savvy, trend seeking, social media addicted entrepreneurial dietitian. She owns and manages a nutrition counselling practice in Winnipeg, A Little Nutrition and has recently co-launched this incredible online nutrition school called Nutrition Academy where she is hosts both public, and dietitian focuses courses. Her latest webinar educates dietitians on direct billing and is scheduled for July 18th! Susan is also the co-chair of the DC Consulting Dietitians network where she spoke on her experiences on direct billing at the 2016 DC National Conference in Winnipeg.

  • Andrea Hardy
    Andrea HardyOwner, Dietitian Nutritionist

    Andrea Hardy is a self-taught social media dietitian powerhouse whose motto is to try everything once! As a photography lover and social butterfly, she is drawn to social media, and how to leverage it to gain visibility and credibility as a health professional. She is inbound marketing certified, and is passionate about helping nutrition professionals stand out as the experts! Her private practice, Ignite Nutrition as co-launched  Nutrition Academy to educate the public on common sense nutrition – a place to come where nutrition is practical and accessible.

Nutrition Academy Frequently Asked Questions | Learn Nutrition Online

Frequently asked questions

Where is Nutrition Academy?

Nutrition Academy is all online! So to answer your question – wherever works best for you. Watch during your lunch break, while you’re out on the patio sipping wine, or while you’re working out! Our online format makes it easy for you to fit it into your day.

What is the cost of a nutrition course?

Course costs vary depending on the content, and length of time they take to complete. We have entry level courses available for free, and they go up from there.

How long do I have to complete a course?

While courses have a recommended length of time for completion, as well as a schedule, all learning is self directed and can be completed at your own pace.

What if I don't finish the course in the recommended time frame?

Great news! The course content will ALWAYS be available. We understand life is busy, and often times that may mean working at a pace that fits within your schedule. Once you’re a student of the class, you’re a student for life! Some of our courses even have continued content being added to them to keep the students abreast of anything new and exciting!