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improve your nutrition knowledge?

Tired of confusing nutrition recommendations, and impractical nutrition advice?  Are you lost when it comes to finding the right facts about nutrition? If so, Nutrition Academy is your source for sound practical information about YOUR nutrition. Whether you are just starting out learning about your nutrition, or if you are a professional looking upgrade your current knowledge, we have you covered!

I’m a nutrition professional looking to upgrade my knowledge.

At Nutrition Academy, we focus on helping dietitians and nutrition professionals continue to learn and build upon their nutrition skills. We focus on helping YOU develop practical skills, from dietitians who are experts in their practice area. We deliver online nutrition courses to help you grow your skills, and provide YOU the support you need to practice effectively, and with confidence!

I need help! Healthy eating is HARD.

Learning about your nutrition can be difficult because everyone has to eat and that can make them think they are an expert …sound familiar? The Nutritionists at Nutrition Academy are licensed dietitians who are highly educated in nutrition, and want to help you learn about nutrition in way that is practical and meaningful nutrition. Seriously, no more fad dieting, extreme diets, or feeling restricted. We deliver nutrition courses that can make you your own expert!

Get Meal Prepped.

A step by step course on how to feed your family healthy meals with time to spare!

With Susan Watson, RD

Courses For Everyone

top 10 ways to manage weight course | Nutrition Academy - Susan Watson, A Little Nutrition Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Top 10 Ways to Manage Your Weight in the Kitchen

1.5 Hours / $9

Do you struggle with food cravings? Not enough variety in your diet? Difficulties preparing healthy and quick meals? This free webinar is for you!

You will learn:

  • How to organize your kitchen to prevent food cravings and encourage you to eat more nutritious foods
  • How to stock your kitchen right
  • How to meal prep to eat better without spending all day in the kitchen

Bonus! Get a free copy of Susan’s cook-ahead’ meal planning guide!

Have Your Cake, and Eat it Too! A Mindful Eating Mini-Series | Nutrition Academy with Andrea Hardy Ignite Nutrition Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!
A Mindful Eating Mini-Series

3 Weeks / 5 Lessons & Assignments / $59

Dieting doesn’t work. But I don’t have to tell you that. Build a healthy relationship with food, instead.


  • Why dieting isn’t working for you
  • How to reset your nutrition-brain
  • How to eat without guilt
  • How to achieve your nutrition goals
  • Learn to love food, and love yourself again!

How to Track What You Eat to Lose Weight More Effectively
Using My Fitness Pal

1 Hour of training / $47

Let an expert show YOU how to properly use the NUMBER ONE TIP that people who have lost weight and kept it off say they do….

Food journal and write down everything they eat and drink!


  • To set up your account
  • Get to know the dashboard
  • Track and record your meals
  • Add recipes
  • how to choose nutrition targets that meet YOUR needs – so you’re not starving, but you’re still able to lose weight!

Tracking gets you results, fast, and brings awareness to where you might be meeting the nutritional mark.

Courses For Nutrition Professionals

Waisting Away Weight Management Strategies for Health Professionals - Helene Charlebois with Nutrition Academy

Waisting Away – Weight Management Strategies for Nutrition Professionals

Over 12 Hours of Learning / Tons of Resources / $247

Would your practice benefit if you had simple guidelines and strategies that you can follow that are effective for weight management?

Would you like to know how to effectively encourage patients to follow healthy eating guidelines , meal portions and healthy eating habits?

Does initiating conversation with patients about a high BMI make you feel uncomfortable , and you wish you could be more effective?

Do you struggle with knowing how to help people lose weight when they are on different medications , like antipsychotics, and insulin?

If so, Waisting Away TM is for you!

Master Your Media | Nutrition Academy | Learn Nutrition Online | Professional Development

Master Your Media – How To Use Social Media Design Tools & Skills All Nutrition Experts Need to Know!

5 Lessons & Assignments / Templates & Resources / $247

Learn how to turn up YOUR media game & amplify your nutrition messages through social media! You’ll learn:

  • The components of taking great photos using your smart phone
  • How to acquire quality stock photos, without fear of breaking the law
  • How free editing tools save you time, money, and can still create masterful media images
  • How to de-mystify social media platforms: How to get more clicks, likes, and shares on various platforms through simple best-practices

Direct Billing 101 – for Canadian Private Practice RD’s

Everything YOU need to set up direct billing in your Canadian practice / $447

-How to set up your business to direct bill and accept assignment of benefits – everything from marketing to structuring your service packages (yes! it is possible to direct bill if you offer packages).

  • To set up your account
  • GLearn about how I marketed my services to get more clients in the door, and how to utilize the full amount of their insurance coverage for the year.
  • Step-by-step the processes you need to take to accept insurance for payment, and how to avoid making costly mistakes.
  • Learn all the terminology and how everything works, like co-ordination of benefits, primary payer/ secondary payer, how reasonable and customary charges work … the works.
  • How to confirm clients benefits to ensure you don’t lose out on money, and tips on how to avoid being on the phone all day 🙂

Grow your business and see more clients with direct billing!


See our full course listings for nutrition professionals and those looking to improve their nutrition HERE!